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PERSEPHONE by Flannellord PERSEPHONE by Flannellord
Meh. I've drawn better, as far as Persephone goes, but I figured this was good for a reference deviation.

I officially decided to make her brunette. I was briefly considering making her blonde, but she needs to look like Demeter. SO THERE.

I should have drawn her in something more extravagant, because that purple dress is probably the simplest thing she owns. Also, she loves wearing daisy chains!

Facts about Persephone!

:bulletpink: Her favorite colors are pink, purple, and sky blue.
:bulletpink: After being kicked out of Olympus, her only power that she retained was the ability to make small flowers appear. She's mastered Dandelions, poppies, and dasies.
:bulletpink: She can make clothes. I drew her in a simple purple dress, but she is one of the Goddesses that changes outfits and styles a lot. (Unlike Hermes, who likes to wear roughly the same thing every day)
:bulletpink: She's married to the one and only Hades! Despite these myths about a kidnapping, she's very happy with her marriage. She loves her precious "Boo" very much.
:bulletpink: Her favorite foods are cake and pomegranate.
:bulletpink: Her favorite flowers are snapdragons. Every other flower comes in a close second... a very very VERY close second.
:bulletpink: Some of her friends call her Phi.
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August 8, 2012
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